KERDRY offers IR filters in the spectral range 3 microns to 9 microns

    OPTATEC 2018

    KERDRY will be at OPTATEC 2018
    BOOTH C 46 HALL 3.0
    15 - 17 mai 2018



KERDRY large know-how in coating services. optical coatings, metallic coatings, anti-reflective coatings, antireflection coating, dielectrics coatings KERDRY can be resuming in this way.

•We can integrate a new project from on its initial phase because of our expertise in thin film technologies.

•Custom designed metal coating dedicated to a wide range of applications: Aerospace, Defense, Metrology, Optoelectronic, Biomedical, Photonics, Telecommunication, Luxury industry.

•Metallic layers.
Sputtering and electron beam vacuum deposition systems are available to meet prototype and productions needs. We perform deposition of a wide variety of metal materials onto glass, optics, sapphire, etc.
(Typical metal deposition are: Silver (Ag), Aluminum (Al), Gold (Au), Chromium (Cr), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Ni-Cr, titanium (Ti)).
Metallization is used for their properties mechanical and optical, for the purposes of conductivity or resistivity, for their finish, but there are requested for soldering applications. The brazing replaces glues efficiently. This soldering ensures a good stability of the component in harsh environment and exposed to thermal, pressure or hygrometry constraints

wafers processing wafers are partially or full plate by photolithography steps

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