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Fiber Optics

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optical and metal coatings
metal coating or optical coating on the fiber

Our optical and metal coatings on fiber optics historically benefits from 30 years of applied Research in the Telecom Research Laboratories, our engineers have developed a specific
know-how in the fiber optics coating field :

Enhancement of Optical Transmission and Coupling Efficiency is achieved with optical coatings on your fiber optics or fiber bundles. Laser resistant optical coatings are custom designed on your own specifications and performed on your fibers.

We can as well provide the fibers if requested.

Soldering used in replacement of classical glues ensures a good stability of the component when used in harsh environment and exposed to thermal, pressure or hygrometry constraints.

In the diagram below you will find the listing of required dimensions for a quote

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metal coatings for soldering
optical treatment and metal coating on fiber

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