KERDRY offers IR filters in the spectral range 3 microns to 9 microns

    OPTATEC 2018

    KERDRY will be at OPTATEC 2018
    BOOTH C 46 HALL 3.0
    15 - 17 mai 2018


About kerdry

KERDRY Thin Film Technologies studies and performs custom designed thin films for advanced technologies. The expertise of our engineers enables observation, parts washing before coatings KERDRY to propose high quality and ultra precision optical coatings and metal deposition meeting requirements of the most demanding and diverse applications. 

Expert in ultra- precision Thin Films Deposition, we can integrate news projects from its initial phase to its industrial phase.

* Custom-designed metal and optical coating dedicated to the following applications: Aerospace, Defence, Instrumentation, Medical, Optoelectronic, Telecommunication, Luxury Industry.

* Metallic Coating Deposition (Au, Ag, Al, Ti,Ni, Cr, Ni/Cr,Cu, etc)
Onto any types of substrates and with ultra-precise location.

* Optical Coating ( TiO2, Ta2O5, SiO2, MgF2, Al2O3, HfO2, ZrO2) Simulation of optical filters, excellent adhesion, temperature, laser flow.

* KERDRY’s expertise enables the combination of both optical and metal coating on the same substrate.

* 10 deposition machines in 500 m² of clean room

* treatment of parts from a few mm to 140 cm.

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